In Álvaro H. Félix Studio we focus on fundamental aspects of architecture,the relationship between people and space, the experience, the way theylive the place where they stand.

We create buildings, spaces, master-plans, objects and infrastructure; prioritizing those with the greatest positive social impact; from concept tocompletion making them affordable, buildable and sustainable.

Álvaro H. Félix Studio is a different kind of architecture, it stands forexploration and emotion, for technical refinement and an informed position,which takes social questions and ecological issues as it's central concerns.

We’re always looking for new possibilities and horizons. Here every projecthas a rigorous research into the economic, formal, political and socialscenarios. To find them we embrace promising new technologies, materialsand methods, and cross-sector expertise, computational tools, physicalmodels, sketches and raw data calculation. We ask questions at every level– from details to big picture – to pursue the best possible solution for eachproject’s needs.

Our designs reinvent and transform the perception of the spaces theyoccupy to add value, comfort, wellbeing and pleasure. Through anarchitecture with clear contours, that intensifies given qualities by a newapproach to space.

In Álvaro H. Félix Studio the background and skills of all collaborators allowthe practice to have a wide range of perspectives, which guarantees as acore aim the delivering of projects of the highest calibre. The team isdedicated to make the physical world around us better for everyone.

Working with no signature style, our motivation is to design the mostinteresting places with their own soul, embracing the complexities of the realworld.

Álvaro Hernández Félix has managed to lead a team of architects, engineersand other creative professionals since 2018, when the Mexico City-basedoffice was founded. With projects realised in México, Spain, France and the USA.